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Our team is led by our company president, Gayle M Jendzejec, ChFC CLU CFS CASL LUTCF. Gayle has over 30 years of experience helping guide families, individuals and business owners with their financial roadmaps. Her team puts your family and financial interests first. Our passion is to help you uncover flaws in some of the conventional financial wisdom. We feel it is important to help you identify, based on your own situation, what is opinion and myth when it comes to your financial life. Being able to identify your own transfers of wealth is important. Identifying and recapturing financial transfers that you are unknowingly and unnecessarily transferring out of your savings and wealth accumulation efforts will help change your life and help to give you more financial freedom. We want to help you discover the solutions to these wealth transfers and how you think differently about your money. It’s time you are in control of your money. Lifetime’s team believes in helping you understand the “efficiency of money” and helping to improve your lifestyle without any additional risk. A question we want to help you answer is “If something you thought to be true, wasn’t true….when would you like to know”. You always want to be in control of your money - not put the control in the government (taxes) or other financial institutions (fees).

Gayle’s team is dedicated to listening to you and educating you on your options so you can choose the best solutions for you and your family.

Helping you and your family live the best lifestyle you can - even if the unexpected happens- is our priority. It is important to know that your financial team has a commitment to stay current on industry topics; as well as your team continuing to be educated on all topics that are important to you. We are committed to staying educated to always give you the very best  coaching that you deserve. We believe that having a well-organized team of professionals-since no one person can know everything – will provide what we believe to be the most effective and efficient advice. We are proud to introduce our growing team of professionals and your team of customer care specialists ready to help you.

Meet our growing team ready to listen to you and help you. Thank you for taking the time to check us out!

Gayle M. Jendzejec ChFC  CLU  CFS  CASL  LUTCF

President & Financial Planner

(401) 821-0080

Gayle is the president of LifeTime Advisors Group. Gayle Jendzejec is an Investment Advisor Representative of an investment advisory services are offered soley by ESI Financial Advisors, a dually-registered investment adviser and...

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