Your Coach - Gayle Jendzejec

Our team is led by our company president Gayle Jendzejec, ChFC CLU CFS CASL LUTCF. Gayle has been helping families through their financial life journeys for over 35 years.  Her passion is to empower others through education to make their financial life decisions from a place of knowledge, wisdom and confidence. She wants you to live your life without regrets and stress.  Gayle’s passion to help people came from watching others, especially close family members struggle working two jobs trying to make sure their kids had food on the table. She has seen too many folks stress about how to pay for a college education, save for retirement and care for their parents at the same time. Others trying to make sure they didn’t run out of money during their retirement years. She loves to help individuals/families develop a plan that aligns with their values and goals. Regardless of your income or assets, Gayle’s goal is to manage your money efficiently, protect your family and your assets. Making certain that your financial life is in sinc with you values, while minimizing your taxes. She helps you coordinate and simplify your financial life so you can focus on what’s important to you.  Family and friends and living your best life.

Her promise to all of the folks she helps…. She will keep the complex financial analysis and recommendations simple and understandable.  She will always work with your best interest in mind..

Gayle loves spending time with all her children and her grandchildren.  Family, faith and friends are her priorities.  In her spare time she loves to kayak, boat, read and travel.

Gayle’s team is dedicated to listening to you and educating you on your options so you can choose the best solutions for you and your family.

Gayle M. Jendzejec ChFC  CLU  CFS  CASL  LUTCF

President & Financial Planner

(401) 821-0080

Gayle is the president of LifeTime Advisors Group. Gayle Jendzejec is an Investment Advisor Representative of an investment advisory services are offered soley by ESI Financial Advisors, a dually-registered investment adviser and...

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