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EFA - ESI Financial Advisors

EFA - ESI Financial Advisors

EFA - ESI Financial Advisors is a registered investment adviser affiliate of National Life Insurance Company, Montpelier, VT whose history reaches all the way back to 1848. As a member of National Life Group ® they belong to a strong, stable and diversified family of financial services companies. ESI Financial Advisors (EFA) is a registered investment advisor. EFA provides access to platforms and sponsors that offer fee-based account management which includes a wide range of well-known money managers utilizing a wide range of investment philosophies. Their success can be attributed to a broad product portfolio, innovative programs and dedicated personnel.

Their success can be attributed to a broad product portfolio, innovative programs and dedicated personnel. Together EFA and National Life affiliates provide resources needed to offer our clients a broad array of financial solutions.

With fee based products, EFA’s adviser representatives and third party money managers are paid a fee for managing assets of clients, as opposed to charging a transactional commission. EFA’s advisor representatives all act as fiduciaries.

Gayle M. Jendzejec, President of Lifetime Advisors Group, is an Investment Advisor Representative of Equity Services, Inc. She acts as a fiduciary working in your best interest to provide:

  •  Investment Research and Analysis
  • Financial Planning Services
  • Transparent Investing

Your initial visits with Gayle are just that—visits, no charge. She will take the time to understand your financial, emotional, and life desires to help you design a portfolio that will take you to your destination with a risk profile that you have discussed and fits within your comfort zone. Gayle is here to help you with a comprehensive wealth management strategy—from college planning through retirement, passing your business to the next generation, or to assure that your portfolio is in line with your risk score.

Why Work With Gayle:

The importance of keeping concepts, strategies, your financial options and your solutions simple, straightforward and easy to understand is key to coaching you to the financial success you deserve. If you do not understand what your advisor is saying - how are you going to implement their advice? A coordinated, balanced approach when putting together your financial GPS incorporating taxes, insurances, investments, cash flow and debt management is imperative in today’s economic and ever changing environment.  

When you work with Gayle you’ll learn how to have the potential to:

  • Create a retirement income plan for your lifestyle that you can’t outlive
  • Identify strategies to address income gaps
  • Mitigate risks like taxation, estate challenges, and more
  • Determine the optimal retirement age, and optimal age to claim Social Security based on your assets, health and marital status
  • Choose a tax-efficient strategy for plan withdrawals and longevity
  • Review whether you need to consider protecting your assets from any long term health risk
  • Be sure that your remaining assets are structured the right way to leave your legacy according to your directions

Retirement Strategies

If you are just about to retire and wondering what to do with your 401k plan, how to take your social security benefits, if your IRA’s are structed correctly talk to Gayle Before you tie up your money or move your money to someone or something you are not sure of – understand where you are and where you want to go. Understand how the rest of your “financial stuff” coordinates with your retirement assets. Be sure to have someone help you understand how eroding factors during retirement can eat away your retirement assets over time. Learn which retirement assets you should spend down first and why. Have a plan before you buy more things that aren’t coordinated with your goals and wants.

Social Security

Social Security is more important to a balanced retirement plan than most people realize. For many, Social Security represents a “longevity” paycheck. For some it represents a retirement bucket of money that could be as big as one million dollars over their lifetime. You owe it to yourself to learn the strategies that can potentially add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your Social Security benefits.

You can learn how to:

  • Use file and suspend to maximize your total benefit
  • Coordinate benefits with your spouse for more lifetime benefits
  • Coordinate benefits with other retirement assets
  • Minimize your taxes so you can maximize all of your retirement assets- Life Insurance Strategies

You and Your Money - A Unique Approach

Money management is not just for the ultra-wealthy or even the wealthy anymore. Gayle wants to help you learn how to save and invest the right way. You have worked hard for your money and earned the right to enjoy all the sophisticated asset management services that larger investors have. She believes that the key to success is not chasing returns but having a consistent investment and volatility reduction strategy. Dynamically selecting the most attractive areas to invest in while avoiding the riskiest, and accounting for the ever-changing economic and investment environment. Reducing your risk while helping you maximize returns on your money is her goal.

Gayle is here to coach you in four important areas:

  • To know how much liquid money is right for you, and the best place for it
  • To ensure you have enough income now and in retirement and to reach your goals and maintain the same or better lifestyle
  • To have reasonable growth while attempting to minimize risk on your money
  • To realizing your complete estate planning strategy– leaving a legacy and making a difference to those who matter most