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Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it. Always look on the optimistic side of life, but be realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter. ”Our team at LifeTime Advisors Group couldn’t agree more with Walt’s philosophy. If you dream about helping your children or grandchildren get the best college education… if you dream about making your retirement lifestyle stress free and better than your current lifestyle… if you dream about your legacy or about the mark you want to leave on this earth, then having a strategy to put it all together is important—and complicated! But if you can dream it, together we can work towards to accomplishing it.

Our mission at LifeTime Advisors Group is to help every person who comes to us understand their own unique financial situation. The importance of keeping concepts, strategies, and financial options simple, straightforward, and easy to understand is key to less stress and worry about financial success. In today’s ever-changing economic environment, it’s so important to formulate a coordinated, balanced approach to putting together a personal strategy that incorporates proactive tax planning, integrates insurances, savings, cash flow, and debt management. Most of our clients are not seeking a comprehensive financial plan right away. The need to understand how to protect their money from life’s eroding factors, as well as keeping their money safe and in motion is critical before implementing a game plan. Which is why we have financial life coaches who will keep you well-informed and help you evaluate, diagnose, construct, and ultimately implement strategies that are as personal and unique as you are.

We offer a full range of financial services including: Retirement Income Strategies, Tax Minimization Strategies, Money Management (, Annuities, Life Insurance, Asset Protection, Long-Term Care insurance, Estate Planning strategies, IRA Legacy strategies, Social Security Strategies & College savings Strategies. We also have a full team specializing in all areas of business growth, protection and exit strategies.

Your personal Lifetime Advisors Group professional's mission is to :

  • Take the time to listen to you
  • Take the time to understand your story
  • Listen to where you have been
  • Listen to where you want to go from this point forward
  • Understand what you envision your lifestyle to be and help you get there
  • Understand what makes you financially comfortable
  • Understand what keeps you up at night and help relieve you of that stress
  • Identify and measure your present position
  • Help get you out of debt (if needed)
  • Help you with your cash flow and debt management (including student loans, decisions on whether you should pay off your mortgage, etc)
  • Help you visualize how various strategies and options may help you to improve the use of your dollars
  • Help you coordinate your financial decisions so you can work towards the financial success that you want for you and your family
  • Organize, analyze, measure, strategize, and help you track your entire (or as much as you need) financial life
  • Help you protect your wealth, retirement income and assets

    Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.