Estate Planning

A good estate plan incorporates making sure your spouse/partner is going to be financial secure.

<b>When was the last time you reviewed your wills or trusts?</b>

When was the last time you reviewed your wills or trusts?

A good estate plan consists of many different components, including what happens to your assets and who should act on your behalf if you are unable to. You need to be protected in your estate plan while you are living and at death. At a bare minimum, there should be two main components: a last will and testament and a durable power of attorney. In addition to these parts, you can add things such as a trust and even medical directions. 

Estate planning is a necessary piece of your overall financial plan, regardless of the amount of assets you have and regardless of your income. If you do not plan your estate, the state will provide you with a plan and it may not be what you intended.  An estate plan helps ensure the security and protection of your surviving spouse/partner as well as your children, grandchildren and others that you love. Statistics show that most folks do not have an estate plan in place. This could cause unnecessary stress and taxation for your spouse/partner and children or family members. Planning ahead gives you control, security and privacy. Getting started on your estate plan is the first step. If you have an estate plan you should review it every few years to make sure your plans are still valid following any changes in federal and state laws. Tax reduction strategies for your estate plan should be thought out carefully, this is where we can help because there is no one-size fits all estate plan. We can help you build a holistic and comprehensive estate plan that ensures your legacy is what you want it to be.  We can help you build a values based, life centered approach to your estate plan that will maximize your resources and potentially minimize your taxes.

  • Get professional help to create an organized summary for your estate planning attorney
  • Get educated on wills, trusts, powers of attorney, beneficiary designations, gift taxes and other important strategies to plan your estate with confidence
  • Learn estate planning basics to protect your loved ones and your legacy
  • Learn how to protect your business in the event of an untimely death

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<b>Every person and every business needs a review.</b>

Every person and every business needs a review.

These are the main components of an estate plan that you should consider, including in your comprehensive plan.

  • Create or revise your will
  • Review trusts and beneficiary designations
  • Durable power of attorney
  • Create a health care power of attorney (POA)
  • Gift in the most advantageous way
  • Guardianship for your children, special needs children (minor or adult) and possibly yourself
  • Check with your state or inheritance taxes
  • Review your life insurance to see if it has “living benefits" on it

Let us help you bring your family a sense of empowerment and security by taking control of each other's collective future rather than leaving your estate to state law. Let us help you help your family develop a common understanding and a common philosophy for how you and your family's legacy will be carried out through generations. Build in your family values into your plan. Prepare your family in the event you or another family member becomes incapacitated. By taking charge of some of these steps you can help your family, your children, and your spouse have a responsible plan to move forward with. Let’s start working on your holistic comprehensive financial plan including your estate planning piece.  We will help you review your plan so you will be ready to meet with a competent estate planning attorney.  Schedule your no obligation visit.

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