Lifetime Advisors Group

We have helped thousands of individuals, families and business owners over the past 35+ years innovate, inspire and plan their financial road map so they can three financial money buckets …money needed NOW, SOON and LATER.

Money should not be your ultimate goal but a tool to achieve everything that is important to you. Your financial decisions good or bad will impact all areas of your life and the life’s of the ones you love. We are passionate about our work and our reason for becoming financial professionals is deeply personal. We ourselves have struggled at different times in our lives with understanding our personal financial road map, how to get to where we needed and wanted to be.  Whether that was making enough money to pay our bills, protecting our family and savings, planning our children’s college education, figuring out how and when we can retire, how to manage our money…we have been through it all.  

Money is one of the most important things you need to survive and thrive in today’s society.  It can enhance or destroy your ability to maximize your family’s life, your health and your relationships.  Money takes on its own sense of purpose and sometimes defines who you are.  We believe if you get your money right, you get your life right.  We want to help you make the right financial decisions to reduce stress and help you live the life you desire. 

Regardless of income or asset levels, we work with you to develop a financial plan using the right tools and strategies to help enhance your lifestyle. We offer a full range of financial services, including: Retirement Income Strategies, Tax Minimization Strategies, Annuities, Life Insurance, Asset Protection, Long-Term Care Planning, Estate Planning, IRA Legacy Planning, Optimization of Social Security Strategies, College Funding Strategies and Debt Management. We also have a full team specializing in all areas of business growth, protection and exit strategies. Gayle can also offer you financial planning strategies and money management strategies through Prosperity Capital Advisors.

LifeTime Advisors Group practices the ABC’s of financial planning: 

Ask questions and we will listen—we encourage you to learn and be educated first

  • Base our plan on what we hear you say, what we see is happening in the economy that may affect your plans and what we find is in your best interest—we are a fiduciary
  • Challenge the status quo—we promise to think outside the box to come up with your best solution  
  • Share your plan—we want to help you share your plan with the most important people in your life. The same person you would contact in the event of an emergency is the person who should know about your financial plans.We want to help you live a better life by keeping your family and money safe from market risk and the risk of unnecessary taxation, while focusing on liquidity, guaranteed income, reasonable growth and legacy.