Retirement Planning

Working full time and then abruptly stopping at age 65 is no longer the only possibility for retirement.

Don’t Apply the Brakes All at Once.

Don’t Apply the Brakes All at Once.

Consider downshifting into your retirement. 

Plan on slowing down and have conversations with us about your work – what you like, what you don’t like, and what your preferred job would be.

You Sure You Want to Stop?
Do You Still Like What You Do?

Do You Still Like What You Do?

You haven't lost your skills. You probably do your job better than ever. Many baby boomers’ eagerness to retire isn’t so much about the work but about the daily grind. They may feel retirement as their only out, yet have mixed feelings about it.

You Have Valuable Experience
We Can Help You Decide if Now is the Right Time

We Can Help You Decide if Now is the Right Time

Think about what you like, what you don’t like, and what your preferred job would be. Could your job be more enjoyable? What would it take to stay on a few more years?

Talk to Us About Retirement
Can you answer these questions?

Can you answer these questions?

How do you know when to retire, or if you can make ends meet, or if you can maintain your current lifestyle when you haven’t had the chance to “practice retirement”.

How do you make your money last as long as you do?

How do you get the income you need in retirement so you don’t have to worry about your daily expenses or having a little fun?

Retirement planning is about more than assets, investments and net worth. It’s about what you want to do with your money and why. It’s about identifying your concerns, expectations and goals – it’s about how you feel and what you want.

Let us help you address common fears and concerns such as health care costs, outliving your money and the best time to file for Social Security benefits. With knowledge comes the confidence to help you be aware of how likely you are to reach your goals and whether you are on track.  

Below are common questions to ask as you approach retirement that we will help you answer and find the best solutions for with our holistic retirement planning approach.  

  • Will I be able to pay my bills and live the lifestyle I want?
  • How much can I spend each month when I am retired?
  • When should I take my social security?
  • How do I reduce my taxes when retired?
  • Can I travel and take more vacations, or spoil my grandkids more?
  • What do I do with my 401k, my 4013b, my IRA’s, my other investment accounts?
  • How do I put together a retirement income plan?
  • Do I need life, dental, and vision insurance and what type of medicare supplement should I have?
  • What do I need to do to protect my spouse/partner should I become sick or die?
  • Should I take my pension as a lump sum or a monthly guaranteed payment stream?
  • How can I become debt free?

Are you 100% sure you are going to have a great retirement or do you have some doubt?

Thank you!

Potential Retirement Risks that we can help you avoid:

  • Taxes
  • Lawsuits
  • Market Risk
  • Fraud & Identity Theft
  • Inflation
  • Outliving Your Money
  • Emergencies
  • Dying Too Soon
  • Disability, sickness, accidents

When you are ready, we are here to listen and to help you create a comprehensive holistic retirement plan that may get you where you want to be. Retirement planning is more than just "where do I put my money", although that is absolutely one important piece. However, it is important to take a holistic view, incorporating all areas mentioned above.  Our holistic planning approach will help you:

  • Focus on your goals, what’s important to you and how your money will start to work for you
  • Address your concerns and expectations and have a plan to lessen the stress
  • Identify obstacles that could pose a threat to your retirement and help to manage them
  • Feel more educated, confident and in control
  • Navigate the complexity of financially moving forward into retirement

We are here to give you a no obligation, no fee first or second opinion. Start this next new journey heading in the right direction!

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