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Tax Returns + Financial Planning. Better Together.

Tax Returns + Financial Planning. Better Together.

We now offer tax services in additional to Financial Planning as a “One-Stop-Shopping” experience to you and a way to sharpen our vision to get a complete picture of your financial position.  Our Social Security and Retirement Planning is always done with the knowledge of how your taxes will be impacted. 

Lifetime Advisors Group Tax Services will be headed by John Woodard, CPA. John has over 24 years in the tax preparation and management industry. John is a Fiduciary and Investment Advisor Representative with Prosperity Capital Advisors. This synergy will ensure a seamless addition for this new division and with John aboard, add beneficial expertise to our holistic list of financial advisory services. 

A Tax Trilogy of Services

  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Management 

Not only will we prepare your taxes for you, but even more importantly help you with tax planning for the coming year and tax management to make sure you are always in a position to pay the lowest taxes allowed.

A basic Personal Return will start at $199. Business Return fees can save you 25%. We will meet with you in our office to review your returns, not just mail them to you without answering any questions or concerns. By having your tax returns at hand, we can immediately see what the best strategies will be for securing your future, while always trying to save you tax dollars.

It’s Not Just What You Make, It's What You Keep

As a holistic wealth management firm, tax implications and mitigation strategies are critical considerations for all of our investment advice. We offer tax planning for individuals and business owners. From business entity structure to 401(k) rollovers and Roth conversions to charitable gifting strategies and tax-efficient portfolio offerings, our advisors have access to training on the latest tax laws to help your bottom line.

Simplifying The Complex

The current United States tax code and revenue rulings are over 74,000 pages. Complexity is greater today than it has ever been, and the IRS isn’t very forgiving if you make mistakes.

Within those 74,000 pages, there are hundreds of ways to reduce or eliminate your current and future tax burden.

Most people only think of tax planning when it is time to write a check to the IRS, but at Prosperity Capital Advisors, our advisors know that tax planning is a year-round process. From putting a plan in place to fund estimated tax liabilities, to monitoring investment transactions so they don’t cause the wrong type of tax, to managing proper investment types to maximize after-tax returns, proper tax planning can add substantial wealth to you and your family over time.

Not All Money Is Taxed the Same

In addition to our core strategic investment offering, you can work with your financial advisor to choose a portfolio personalized to your preferences.

From environmentally or socially conscious investments to portfolios designed to help protect from market volatility, the choice is yours.

The Tax Management journey is a systematic process designed to reduce your taxation today and your lifetime tax liability.

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How We Work

If you are happy with your current CPA, stay with them. Lifetime Advisors Group can still offer you all of our financial management services. If you are interested in working with our Tax Services Division, we invite you to meet John Woodard, CPA and review how we will ease your coordination of Financial Planning and Tax Returns and ensure the best strategies for tax savings.

Are you paying too much in unneccesary taxes?  Click link below to have our Tax Team give you a 2nd opinion.

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