Asset Protection

Our goal - working together. Worry less and enjoy life more by protecting you, your family, and your business. 

Analyze your exposure to risk

Analyze your exposure to risk

Building a sound financial house, requires you to manage your risk. A risk management review includes an analysis of your exposure to major risks that could have a significant adverse impact on your financial picture, such as premature death, disability, property and causality losses, or the need for long-term care planning. Advice may be provided on ways to minimize such risks. One of our strategies is to use insurance programs and risk management strategies to help you protect and meet your financial goals, as well as accumulate assets. We can work in concert with your tax professionals or attorneys or you can consult with our network partners to advise you on specific aspects of your financial tax and estimate strategy. We also help you implement the right strategy that offers the best solution for you, your family, and your financial position. 

Our goal - working together. Worry less and enjoy life more by protecting you, your family, and your business. Life happens. If you become disabled, lose your paycheck, become chronically or critically ill, we can help provide you long-term care strategies.

Regardless of where you are in life, we are here to help you against the possibility of loss, help you maintain your dignity and financial independence, as well as leave a legacy for those you care most about.

We have strategies and solutions for your individual and business insurance needs. Insurance strategies today can benefit you during your lifetime as well as when you are gone. Today the living benefits in the newer designed policies are worth checking out. some of the programs, strategies and solutions we offer include:

  • Risk Management 
  • Business and Individual Strategies  
  • Life Insurance Strategies including Living Benefits (riders are for an additional cost)
  • Disability, Income Protection and Paycheck Insurance
  • Long-Term Care strategies
  • Annuity Strategies
  • Employer Benefits
  • Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Buy/Sell and Key Person Solutions

Long-Term Care and Disability insurance are offered through representatives who are independently contracted with insurers providing such coverages and are neither underwritten nor issued by Prosperity Capital Advisors.

Help Me Analyze My Exposure to Risk

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A Unique Approach

A Unique Approach

Money management is not just for the ultra-wealthy or even the wealthy anymore. Gayle wants to help you learn how to save and invest the right way. You have worked hard for your money and earned the right to enjoy all the sophisticated asset management services that larger investors have. She believes that the key to success is not chasing returns but having a consistent investment and volatility reduction strategy. Dynamically selecting the most attractive areas to invest in while avoiding the riskiest, and accounting for the ever-changing economic and investment environment. Reducing your risk while helping you maximize returns on your money is her goal.

Gayle is here to coach you in four important areas:

  • To know how much liquid money is right for you, and the best place for it
  • To ensure you have enough income now and in retirement and to reach your goals and maintain the same or better lifestyle
  • To have reasonable growth while attempting to minimize risk on your money
  • To realizing your complete estate planning strategy– leaving a legacy and making a difference to those who matter most