Revisiting Bonds: The Interest Rate Conundrum

Revisiting Bonds: The Interest Rate Conundrum

July 27, 2022

This one is tricky. I am posting another article by AssetMark from their excellent print series called On The Mark. Should we be looking at bonds now for an investment? Core bond pricing, as represented by the Bloomberg US Aggregate index, has fallen due to the Federal Reserve trying to bring inflation under control. It's a unique situation and a bond selloff like this hasn't happened since the 60's*.

Be my guest and read the details in the AssetMark article The Interest Rate Conundrum´╗┐

What is a bond? Why do their prices rise or fall? What is a coupon? How can we determine anything positive from the current situation?

And put your glasses on to take a close look at the included charts for comparison. It's valuable information for investors to help understand various opportunities or red flags to consider when choosing where to put their money. 

*Beaumont Capital Management. Staying the Course in Turbulent Markets. May 2022.