Holistic Planning - The Bucket Plan

Holistic financial planning is about achieving your life goals by effectively managing your
financial resources.

Now Bucket

Now Bucket

The “Now” bucket is designed to be your safe and secure money and to be used to cover living expenses in the first year or two of your retirement, as well as provide liquidity for larger planned expenses, such as a new car or home repairs. It’s also an emergency fund in case unexpected expenses arise.

Soon Bucket

Soon Bucket

The “Soon” Bucket is the preservation bucket. Because this money may be needed sooner rather than later, it is invested for growth—but conservatively. This may provide income in the first phase of retirement and act as an inflation hedge to help combat the rising cost of living. By investing conservatively, you may avoid the risk of being forced to sell during a large downward swing, ultimately liquidating a bigger piece of your overall portfolio for the same income amount. The “Soon” Bucket is created to help reduce your exposure to extreme market fluctuations, ultimately eliminating sequence of returns risk.  Plans for the first 10 years of your income needs.

Later Bucket

Later Bucket

The “Later” Bucket is designed for long-term growth and legacy planning. Having bought a time horizon with the first two buckets, you can choose to invest in vehicles with a longer time commitment and greater growth potential with more confidence. In retirement, this bucket can play a critical role in legacy planning too, particularly to provide income for a surviving spouse.  The later bucket tries to ensure you will not run out of money.

What is Holistic Financial Planning?

Holistic financial planning is about achieving your life goals by effectively managing your financial resources based on what your goals are.

Holistic financial planning is about achieving your life goals by effectively managing your financial resources based on what your goals are.

Learn how to enjoy your retirement while focusing on the good life: spending time with your family and friends; doing the things you love while worrying less about taxes, market risk, interest rate risk and sequence of returns risk…running out of money risk!

Understand how each of these risks could derail your retirement. Let us help you be strategic with your money and think in terms of money that you will need now, soon and later. Education is key. Learn how our holistic approach to planning can help you.

Our Holistic Planning Process

If you are already retired or getting ready to retire you may wonder:

  • Can I get enough income from what I’ve saved to sustain my lifestyle?
  • And will that income also sustain the life of my spouse?
  • Will my money last as long as I need it to based on where I have invested today or do changes need to be made?
<b>1. Understanding Where You Are Now</b>

1. Understanding Where You Are Now

  • Getting to know how our firm can we help 
  • Understanding your goals and objectives
  • Understanding your current finances 
  • Services you may need to meet your goals
  • Taking action on organizing your financial life and goals
<b>2. Determining Where You Want to Go</b>

2. Determining Where You Want to Go

  • Organizing your financial health/life and estate
  • Understanding your net worth
  • Understanding your goals and cash flow
  • Education on the Money Cycle

3 phases to your financial life:

Accumulation, preservation and distribution

    • Education on “the Bucket Plan” philosophy

    Money invested for NOW, SOON & LATER

      • Complete asset sheet questionnaire
      • Complete Income Gap Assessment
      • Complete Volatility Tolerance Assessment
      • Develop a plan for implementation 

      <b>3. Achieving a Holistic Plan</b>

      3. Achieving a Holistic Plan

      • Recap progress you have made
      • Design your customized Bucket Plan
      • Align your market volatility tolerance with your plan
      • Recommendations provided
      • Implementing your plan
      <b>4. Providing Continual Services &#38; Support</b>

      4. Providing Continual Services & Support

      • Ongoing consultation
      • Customized review process
      • Annual plan update meeting
      • Maintain Your “Bucket Plan” and Your Lifestyle
      • Proactive communication & education
      • Always available to help with your needs and answer your questions

      How much do we need to save to live comfortably in retirement?

      Where do I put my money so it lasts as long as we are living?

      If something happens to me, will my plan continue to work for my family?

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