John Woodard

John Woodard

Tax Manager and Tax Preparations

Many of you know we are proponents of Holistic Planning at Lifetime Advisors Group, where we help you achieve your life goals by effectively managing your financial resources based on what your goals are. Different tools and processes can be used as we focus on your retirement income, social security planning and tax planning strategies.

 To further strengthen and support our umbrella of holistic financial advisory services, we are excited to announce a new addition to our team at Lifetime Advisors Group. John Woodard, a CPA with years of tax management and preparation experience. John will employ a Tax Trilogy of Services: Tax Planning, Tax Preparation, and Tax Management. His background has provided a unique depth of experience in tax knowledge:

  • Tax Manager and Investment Advisor at Dowd & Associates 
  • Partner, CPA at R. Gary Clark Associates
  • Founder, Woodard & Clark, Tax & Wealth Advisors
  • Treasurer of Providence Fire Department 

Along with being a retired Rescue Captain from The City of Providence Fire Department, John began working as an accountant alongside his father-in-law nearly thirty years ago. His love of helping people led the way to counseling hundreds of fellow firefighters and tax clients with retirement planning, pension and investment strategies. He brings this experience to Lifetime Advisors Group, where we can now prepare your tax return in conjunction with, advising on tax strategies. John is also a member of Prosperity Capital Advisors, as we are. This means our focus on your financial future and comprehensive wealth management will be seamless, and supported by the tools and resources needed to create coordinated, holistic, financial plans for you. 

We welcome John to Lifetime Advisors Group. Now is a great opportunity for you to contact us, meet John, and review your financial plans together.